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It's about time! On the week of July 9th, we are finally opening our doors in Downtown St. Pete. We can't wait for you to join us for a week full of fun events, great food, and incredible beer.


Go Oaaakkk, it's your birthday, we're gonna craft it up like its your birthday!!


Oh Yes! We're turning two years old on July 7th. Man, how time flies. Soon, we'll be moving out of our parent's house and looking for an adult job and starting a family and having grandchildren....


Oak & Stone To Open St. Pete Location

More beers! Who doesn’t want that!?

Bradenton, we're coming for you! And we're coming at you with some serious views.

One week is honestly not enough... We think every week should be dedicated to Craft Beer, so we decided to go ALL out for these crafty festivities.


Have you ever had a Brewtail? Commonly known as a beer cocktail, these enticing drinks combine the best of both worlds... Beer AND Liquor. I know you might think that the two don't mix (or they shouldn't mix), but these recipes will be sure to change your mind.