And we like to think we're the cause of it. Valentines Day is right around the corner. You can think of Oak & Stone as your matchmaker. Who needs Tinder when you can have a cold, crispy brew by your side?

Single? Beer will always be there for you.

Taken? Beer will be the one that keeps you two together.

Oak & Stone UTC held its first ever Home Brewers Competition in October! Home brewers had the opportunity to showcase their beers in front of a panel of judges, consisting of local brew masters from breweries around Sarasota.


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Go Oaaakkk, it's your birthday, we're gonna craft it up like its your birthday!!


Oh Yes! We're turning two years old on July 7th. Man, how time flies. Soon, we'll be moving out of our parent's house and looking for an adult job and starting a family and having grandchildren....


Bradenton, we're coming for you! And we're coming at you with some serious views.

One week is honestly not enough... We think every week should be dedicated to Craft Beer, so we decided to go ALL out for these crafty festivities.