curbside delivery

Now offering: Curbside Delivery!


Oak & Stone Curbside Delivery!

Oak & Stone is now offering Curbside Takeout at all locations for our hungry guests who are on the run! 

Our goal is to provide high quality food options you can eat while dining at our restaurants, packaged and ready for you when you pull up!


The Mom who is on her way to or from the kids game or forgot it was her day to bring lunch for the classmates in her kids new class. The store manager who wants to treat their employees to a yummy, but quick lunch. The Dad and Son who are late to get home to their families from spending the day on the greens. No matter what has got you on the go, we've got your back!


How do you Curbside at our Oak & Stone locations?

Call the location nearest you and let one of our Curbside Experts take your car information and your order and we will get it working right away! Park in one of our designated Curbside spots and we will come to you for payment and your order, fast, fresh and pipin' hot! 


Is there a downside to Oak & Stone Curbside Pickup?

Yes, we are not able to bring you craft beer! 


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