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These 2 Brewtails Will Change the Way You Look at Beer

Have you ever had a Brewtail? Commonly known as a beer cocktail, these enticing drinks combine the best of both worlds... Beer AND Liquor. I know you might think that the two don't mix (or they shouldn't mix), but these recipes will be sure to change your mind. 


This week, we are celebrating American Craft Beer Week! This week is full of awesome activities for beer aficionados and the casual beer drinker. On Thursday, May 17th, Calusa Brewing will be taking over the taps at Oak & Stone with their Citronious IPA and the Dissonance Brown Ale. To celebrate, our bartenders have created some seriously delicious brewtails with these awesome Calusa brews! Today is you're lucky day because we are giving you our secret recipes...


Check out all of the events going on this week on our Facebook page!


pineapple citronious


Pineapple Cilantro Citronious IPA


1oz Rum

1oz Pineapple juice 

.25oz or Slash Simple Syrup

5 Sprigs of Cilantro 

Squeeze fresh lime 

Shake in tin

Strain over fresh ice 

Top off with Calusa Citronious IPA

Garnish cilantro sprigs






Dissonance Brown Ale


1 to 1.5 oz Bulleit Bourbon


Fill pint glass with ice

Add bulleit

Add 5 oz beer

Top with vanilla bean creme

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